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Nordborg, Denmark 29 April 2016

For public release:

SaltPower ApS is introducing a new pressure retarded osmosis (PRO) concept that aims at utilizing the osmotic pressure from hyper saline water (+15 wt% NaCl) from geothermal wells to generate electricity. Using the highly saline water source instead of seawater, the company will take advantage of the significant larger driving force to increase the power density and improve economic viability of the PRO process. The company today started operation of a pilot plant at the geothermal plant in Sønderborg, Denmark.

By coupling osmotic power generation with the heat generation in the geothermal process, SaltPower achieves a unique synergy that not only increases the overall economic viability of geothermal plants but also provides them with operational advantages and benefits in addition to producing “clean” electricity.

CEO of SaltPower, Steen Søndergaard Nissen, is happy that the pilot plant is now in operation and is looking forward to the next steps. “Using hyper saline water for a PRO process has a tremendous energy potential, and by utilizing both the thermal and osmotic energy from the geothermal water we can create a “green” power plant that can deliver both district heating and electricity ‐ and the combined solution improves the overall economic viability”, he added.

The company was founded in Sønderborg in 2015 by Jørgen Mads Clausen and Steen Søndergaard Nissen. The project is support by EUDP (a Danish government research agency) and has Danfoss A/S, Aalborg University, Sønderborg Fjernvarme and HOFOR as partners.

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